KC Insiders Find City’s Best: Jennifer Janesko

Some of Kansas City’s favorite trendsetters and tastemakers share their love of what to taste, see, do and sip.


Artist & Jewelry Designer

Kansas City native Janesko has made it a point to explore the city beyond her current neighborhood, which has given her a wealth of culture. Launching two businesses in KC, she has found a unique energy not present in other cities.

“Businesses collaborate and support each other. When you eat at a restaurant, you notice they choose food from local producers. Cocktail lounges mix drinks with Little Freshie syrups and stores like Coveted Home carry locally made ceramics from Convivial Production. You see the connections running like an electric creative thread through the creative fabric of the entire city.”

We love Janesko’s considerable contributions to the creative community, including the homage to urban-suburban Kansas City: her KS/MO necklace.

Food: Janesko’s go-to spots are Tavern in the Village for lunch and brunch, Bluestem Lounge for pre-dinner cocktails that sometimes spill over into dinner and Westport Cafe for classic but elevated bistro-style cuisine. For a well-curated meal—“the kind you want to linger over”—Novel is the place to be (and be seen).

Places: Janesko’s KC melting pot is a who’s-who of entrepreneurs and artisans. “There are a lot of places that make me happy: Little Freshie, IBIS Bakery, Fervere Bakery, Olive Tree, City Market, Underdog, Berkley Riverfront Park, The Elms, Martin City Brewing Company, Angelo’s Nursery, Dolce Bakery and Johnnie’s Sports Bar in KCK.”

Fashion: There’s no shortage of boutiques in Kansas City, but Janesko prefers those with a clean and modern aesthetic, such as Clique Boutique, and for her husband—the always-fashionable Baldwin.
–Kathryn Greene

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