Articles about Foo’s Fabulous Frozen Custard

  • The Big Chill

    Celebrate National Ice Cream Month with an armchair tour of KC’s splendid artisan treats. Something cold and frosty on a sizzling summer day is an indescribable pleasure, and Kansas City has plenty of skin-shivering delights… more

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    Looking for something to do this weekend? Check out our top picks for January 15-17. Friday Put on your stretchy pants and prepare to spend the next 10 days chowing down. That’s right: Kansas City Restaurant Week is finally… more

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    If you’re one of the many who resolved to work out more in 2016, it’s your lucky day—or should we say month? January boasts plenty of ways to kick-start your fitness regimen. Say namaste to… more

  • Race for Coffee or Cocoa at the Battle of the Bean

    Which will win, team coffee or team cocoa? That’s the key question at the Battle of the Bean 5K at Foo’s Fabulous Frozen Custard Saturday, Jan.  17.  Pick your team and… more

  • Save the Date for KC’s Fall Caffeine Crawl

    What will you be drinking October 11-12? Coffee. And lots of it. It seems like just yesterday we were coming down from the caffeine high of The LAB’s first-ever spring Caffeine Crawl… more

  • 5 Scoops to Try During National Ice Cream Month

    In honor of July being National Ice Cream Month, we’ve picked five must-try flavors from around the metro. Glacé- This one is for the fry-in-milkshake dippers, those lovers of… more

  • Kansas City Ice Cream Shops Offer a Sweet Escape

    What tastier way to beat summer heat than with a double scoop of something ice-cold and refreshing? It’s hard to go wrong with a frosty treat, but classic desserts like ice… more