Chewology Looks to Bring Dumplings to the Crossroads

Chef Katie Liu-Sung turns to Kickstarter to launch new Crossroads restaurant Chewology.

Jiaozi, dumplings in chili sauce. Photo by Vincent Sung.

Authenticity, experience and ingredients: That’s what Katie Liu-Sung wants to introduce back into the dining experience with her new restaurant, Chewology {Dumpling & Dough} in the historic Corrigan Building at 19th and Walnut streets.

Born in Taiwan and raised in L.A. before moving to KC, Liu-Sung will draw from her background and feature cross-cultural, East Asian culinary mash-ups with a focus on dumplings and noodles. While the fillings will rotate to include fresh and seasonal locally sourced ingredients, the emphasis will be on letting guests experience the taste and texture of house-made dough items they way you would in an authentic shop in Asia. An open-concept kitchen will showcase the art of dough rolling and dumpling folding in a minimalist space with an industrial twist created by Blackbird Design Studio.

For help funding the restaurant, Liu-Sung has launched a Kickstarter campaign with a goal to raise $20,000 by Aug. 8th. As of Aug. 2nd, more than $8,000 has been pledged and the campaign was selected as a “Project We Love” by Kickstarter.

“We want our backers to know that their input is valuable to us, and our company is invested in building out a restaurant that’s truly meaningful to our community. The Kickstarter campaign’s narrative reflects that,” Liu-Sung says.

Rewards include a T-shirt and lifetime supply of non-alcoholic drinks for $50; a tote bag and make-your-own-dumpling set for $60; and a gyoza tutorial with other items for $150.

Learn more and back Chewology’s campaign here.