Travis Kelce’s Dating Show to Premiere Oct. 5

Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce looks for love in a new E! reality show.

The current season of “The Bachelorette” is winding down, but there’s a new dating show we expect many Kansas Citian’s will get hooked on. “Catching Kelce,” starring Kansas City Chiefs Tight End Travis Kelce, is set to premiere Oct. 5th on E! Entertainment Television.

Photo by Tommy Garcia/E! Entertainment

In the debut episode, 50 women from across the country will have one minute to make an impression on Kelce, who will then narrow the playing field to 20 women and eventually pick one to be his “lifelong teammate” (in the words of a press release announcing the show’s release date).

Many elements of the show will be familiar to fans of the genre: The contestants live in a house together, go on group dates and some are sent home by Kelce at the end of each episode, but “Catching Kelce” adds another layer of competition. The NFL star will select one woman for a group date and she’ll have the opportunity to strategically choose who else joins them. In another twist to the format, Kelce will also receive input from his older brother, Philadelphia Eagles Center Jason Kelce, and longtime manager Aaron Eanes.

Beyond those details, we’re not sure what to expect, but if his touchdown celebration skills are any indicator, Kelce will be highly entertaining.