Real Estate Reimagined

Kristin Malfer launches Malfer Studio, expanding what home buyers, sellers and owners can expect in the real estate world.

Photo by Jason Dailey

For more than a decade, Kansas Citians have turned to Kristin Malfer for help buying or selling the perfect home. But her relationship with clients often doesn’t end there—instead, they use the real estate guru as a resource for all their home questions.

“Everybody’s lives are so busy, but this is a huge decision, whether they’re going to move or remodel,” she says. “A lot of times people call and they go, ‘We don’t know what we want to do.’”

Malfer and her team of 14 agents, plus support staff, are more than happy to help, and with the opening of Malfer Studio, their expertise is more accessible than ever. “If it’s anything to do with leaving Kansas City, coming into Kansas City or moving within Kansas City, we’ve got it,” Malfer says.

The stylish Leawood space offers a little of everything, including a design studio with paint color, tile and countertop samples; onsite designers who can address every detail that goes into a home; property management services; handymen; staging services; an event space; and meeting places where clients can privately discuss their needs, whether they’re first-time home buyers unsure about securing a home loan or sellers in one of the city’s most luxurious neighborhoods who value discretion. “We do a lot of new construction and we have certified new home experts that literally can help them from creating their floorplans with the architect through going through the build process,” Malfer adds. “We really do hone in on the customer. It’s all about what they want, listening to their needs.”

To put it simply, it’s real estate reimagined, she says. “I feel like so many people just list a house and sell it, or they work with a buyer and they’re done,” she says. “We’re all encompassing.”

The studio is a natural extension of Malfer’s emphasis on client experience during the home buying or selling process, a life event she ranks among getting married and having a child. “The customer service that goes with that is trying to help them make the right decision, to really interview them to find out what they really want in a house before you just plop them in one,” she explains, adding “you are kind of their counselor and their second set of eyes.”

For Malfer, having a space of her own fulfills a personal dream and comes as a result of her team’s impressive success: Kristin Malfer & Associates is among the city’s leading real estate groups. Real estate came naturally for Malfer, who started her career in ad sales for a new homes publication before moving into the world of design and eventually joining ReeceNichols. She calls the profession “something I was born to do.”

While her career took off instantly, keeping up with rapidly growing business proved challenging. Over the years, she’s expanded her operation to include other agents that meet her high standard of customer service along with additional staff. “When the market tanked, that’s when my business grew because I doubled down with hiring staff, increasing our market to where when the customer needs an answer quickly, if I’m not available, they have all these people who are there to help them,” she explains.

The service-focused team and Malfer Studio’s comprehensive resources cut down on the stress of the real estate process and let clients focus on the fun part: finding a house that feels like home and making memories.

“I love the people and I love houses,” Malfer says. “But it’s also about the puzzle of trying to find the right buyer for the right house … There’s nothing better than for them to say, ‘It’s not out there, you can’t find it,’ and to find that house and know that they’re going to raise their family there.”