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KC Picnic Picks

Pack a picnic that impresses with our tasty recommendations.

Between the live performances, lawn games and plein air painting, it’s easy to lose sight of the most key part of Kansas City’s Big Picnic: The picnic! An array of food trucks will be stationed at the July 17th event at Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art’s Donald J. Hall Sculpture Hall, but for those who want to stay true to the name and pack an actual picnic, we’ve got your back.

Spruce up your sandwich by making a version of the picnic staple you can be proud of. Start with one of Farm to Market Bread Co.’s egg buns or pretzel rolls, then add your favorite filling—Brookside’s Bella Napoli is home to a variety of fresh-cut deli meats and cheeses if you’re in need of inspiration. For a drink worthy of your super sandwich, pick from the more than 1,300 sodas from all over the word at Legends Outlets Kansas City’s KC Soda Co.

The nostalgia of a freshly baked pie makes it a natural fit for a classic picnic. The Upper Crust’s flaky pocket pies pack in all the flavor of a full-sized pie and—bonus—more crust, plus they spare you the effort of packing a fork.

Feeling more ambitious? Inspired Occasions’ Lon and Stewart Lane shared a host of recipes for a French country feast designed to be eaten outside that will make your picnic basket blush. Our favorite dishes: The easy-to-make potato salad light enough to leave you able to play a round of Big Picnic’s badminton and the equally tasty green bean salad with pears and shaved parmesan.

Don’t worry if you don’t have time to cook. The le panier du pique-nique at French Market offer delicious fare with a hint of homemade flair that makes it perfect for a picnic. The basic version includes a sandwich, potato salad and chocolate cookie for $9, while the deluxe features a sandwich, farro, whole fruit, a cookie and bottled water for $18. Of course you can also assemble your own spread with to-go finds from the store, which range from cheese and charcuterie to sandwiches, salads, grains and desserts.

French Market photo via Facebook