Beautiful Bedrooms

We spend one-third of our lives sleeping—why not do it in style? We get cozy with the designers behind three dream bedrooms. 

 Story by Jennifer Barnett Fox  |  Photos by Jason Dailey          

When a Show Home Becomes Home

A recently purchased 2015 home tour standout benefited from the light-enhancing touch of designer Janet Alholm.

Built by Willis Construction, the four-bedroom, five-bathroom, Clydesdale-style plan is among the newest additions of the beautiful and distinctive Village of Loch Lloyd community in Missouri. Nested in a wooded cult-de-sac amongst the community’s newest construction, the prior show home drew many admirers during its stint on the Home Builder’s Association Greater Kansas City Artisan Home Tour last September.

With a blank slate at her fingertips, Alholm worked with furnishings experts from Seville Home to create a transitional environment accented by a number of modern and sometimes unexpected touches. One of Alholm’s most distinctive design elements may be her use of soft colors and distinctive finishings to enhance a room’s natural light. For the Loch Lloyd home, this included liberal use of a palette of soft grays and greys mixed with brown or beige that open the door for easy pairings with a variety of colors and accents.

Entry into the glamorous master suite designed by Alholm is sure to make any homeowner take notice. The master bathroom is a vision of clean lines and simple elegance with a  luxurious, spa-like tub located within easy viewing distance of a discretely placed large-screen television, as well as a spacious shower.

Beyond the master bathroom lies a generous closet built for two. Alholm outfitted the open, airy space with ample his-and-hers storage and a centralized island, which adds easy organization and instant traffic routes to the room. Just steps away, she placed stacked laundry facilities and a discrete refrigerator and coffee center, thoughtful touches designed to make the daily grind a little more civilized.

In the master bedroom, Alholm continues the home’s signature palette with furnishings, accessories and rugs sourced from family-owned Seville Home. Mirrored and mixed metal accents further enhance the natural light spilling into the room with subtle light-reflecting qualities. Nature-based accents and a soft blue glass lamp and vase soften the transitional design, giving it a modern, but not too edgy, feel.

“With each design, I’m placing myself in the house,” Alholm says. “I want to make a comfortable and livable space. I love what I do and I just want people to enjoy it.”