Beautiful Bedrooms: Best of Both Worlds

Jill Tran balances requests from two homeowners to design a master bedroom they both love.

As an interior designer, it’s difficult to know the true challenges of a home until walking through the front door. In this case, designer Jill Tran of Tran + Thomas Interior Design Studio found herself face-to-face with a home punctuated by wall-to-wall beige paint and soaring ceilings. Lucky for the homeowner, this local independent interior designer is known for her eye for scale and color.

Tran decided to begin the home’s visual downsizing process in the master suite and adjacent sitting room. This included a plan to banish the beige and incorporate the homeowner’s love of black and white with quiet touches of pink. Considering the homeowner’s husband does not share her passion for pink, Tran found herself in a balancing act between masculine and feminine elements and emphasized the feminine in the adjacent sitting room while opting for a more masculine look in the bedroom.  “I wanted to create a space where both of them were comfortable and had what they needed in one space,” she says.

Like the rest of the home, the scale of the master suite is large and dominating, not exactly what one looks for in a room designed for rest and relaxation. A large quartz stone fireplace and hearth provides the main division in the room, separating the sitting room from the bedroom. Originally faced with tile, the fireplace was resurfaced in white quartz. For the sitting room side, Tran visually warmed the space with a palette of champagne and black accented by warm pinks. Now the room is an oasis of calm where the homeowner can work, read or enjoy a glass of wine by the fireplace. Tran rounded out the feminine touches in the room with a raspberry tufted ottoman, pink striped chairs and a custom blown-glass chandelier.

Floor-to-ceiling drapes visually divide the master space, serving as sound absorption and an element of softness in an imposing space. In a compromise between husband and wife, the draperies on the sitting room side feature shades of pink with a more masculine black and champagne damask pattern facing the bedroom side. Because of the scale of the room, Tran could incorporate large, dark pieces including an animal-print upholstered bench and a hand-carved custom headboard with custom black and champagne striped fabric designed to look like a chevron pattern. Matching bedside tables feature a special metallic finish, adding a note of shine and glamour to the room. Tran then crowned each with a custom lamp from KC designer Barbara Cosgrove.

The master suite features a similarly generous-sized bathroom, providing ample room for the centerpiece whirlpool tub, his-and-hers flat-bottom vessel sinks, granite countertops, separate toilets and a large wrap-around shower with rain showerheads. To further unify the space, Tran covered the beige walls in large-scale black wallpaper printed with metallic outlines of water lilies and painted the large-scale cabinets black. Ice cube-like drawer pulls from Locks and Pulls offer a hint of whimsy. Off to the side of the room sits a his-and-hers walk-in closet with drapes that hide the closet when desired.

“Overall, this design was about giving the homeowner what she wanted in a difficult space,” Tran concluded. Now she can sleep easy.