Kitchen Ready

KC Hopps’ Ryan Sneed shows us what he keeps close in and out of the kitchen.

KC Hopps Corporate Executive Chef Ryan Sneed keeps the tools of his trade, including Shun 10-inch knives and tasting spoons, handy—”A good chef tastes everything,” he says. Non-slip Mozo shoes are a necessity for safety, and his iPhone 6 serves as personal organizer and assistant. With a number of restaurants including Blue Moose Bar & Grill and Barley’s Brewhaus to go between, “effective communication is a must, but it can also be overwhelming being plugged into that pipeline,” Sneed says. “This keeps me straight and makes sense of the chaos.”

A Tissot T-Race watch also helps him keep track of time. His Jeep Grand Cherokee gets him where he needs to go, including back home to his wife and family. A symbol of his love for them, Sneed’s wedding ring was designed for work in foodservice. “The diamonds are channel set, guaranteeing they will never fall out into any food. In 15 years, this is only the second time I have taken it off,” he adds.