Sustainable Retailer Noble Native Launches with Pop-Up

Pop-up retailer Noble Native hosts its first sale Friday, featuring clothing, accessories and home goods you can feel good about.

Photos by Nicole Bissey Photography

Ethically and sustainably produced pieces for your wardrobe and home don’t have to come with a big price tag. Noble Native, a purveyor of fashion and home goods launching with a pop-up at The Hair Parlour in the Crossroads Friday, is proof.

All the products being sold are made by local designers, fair-trade manufactured overseas or domestically produced, says Noble Native owner Sarah Hicks. She aims to keep prices under $200, with most items available for $50 or less. Beyond the price point, shoppers can feel good about how their purchases were produced.

“It’s not just another item that you’re adding to your closet, to your home,” Hicks explains. “It’s saying something about who you are. Sustainability is definitely a part of who I am, so my products will reflect that.”

In addition to her passion for sustainability, Nobel Native shares Hicks’ love of the KC fashion scene and will feature local brands such as Happy Habitat, Sara Cramer Jewelry, Whiskey and Bone and Heidi Herrman. “I really want to see them succeed,” she says. Since Noble Native will stock items in limited quantity for pop-ups, Hicks plans to provide contact information for producers so shoppers can go straight to the source. A small number of sales will also be offered on Facebook and Instagram.

KC’s community of local designers caught Hicks’ attention after she moved from California and started a blog to get involved in the city’s fashion scene. When she decided to turn her love of fashion into a business, her initial idea was a storefront promoting their work.

After working on another fashion project that emphasized sustainability, she wanted to incorporate that element as well and adopted an aesthetic for her store’s pieces that matches the comfort of buying them. Noble Native will primarily sell loungewear along with other easy-to-wear garments, accessories and home goods.

“When people see my shop, whether it be online or as a pop-up, I want them to come away with the impression of relaxation and ease—it’s Saturday morning at home,” Hicks says. “It’s coffee on the couch in a blanket, and everything around you has positive energy to it, whether it be residual from how it was produced and the people that made it, or what it is contributing to you personally.”

Check out Noble Native’s offerings when it launches 6-9 p.m. May 6 at The Hair Parlour with Sustained Juice.