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Tappecue Takes the Tedium Out of Barbecue Time

Step up your grilling game this season with Tappecue, created here in KC.

Story by Kathryn Greene

Tappecue is a mobile temperature monitoring system that grants even the most seasoned grillers temporary freedom from those hours-long barbecue sessions by sending alerts to your smartphone. It may just be one of the best inventions to come out of KC on account of our obsession with all things barbecue, not to mention our reputation for making some of the best in the country.

Created by the team at Kansas City-based Innovating Solutions LLC, President Gina Bourret says they came up with the idea for Tappecue after graduating from UMKC’s Entrepreneurship Scholars program, which identifies up-and-coming entrepreneurs and sets them on the path to launching the next big thing.

Downloading Tappecue’s free app will keep you updated on the status of your meat so you can socialize, make a run to the grocery store for more sauce or spices, or even go play a round of golf. The app alerts you when your desired temperature has been reached and displays a real-time graph so you can monitor temperature spikes.

When you’re done grilling for the day, Tappecue emails you the history of your barbecue session, which can help you plan ahead for your next barbecuing endeavor and achieve consistent results.

Users can also subscribe to the newly introduced Tappecue SessionBook ($9.95 per month or $1.99 per session), which works in conjunction with the thermometer and saves all session data on, including time and temperature. The sessions are accessible at any time and subscribers can add images, notes or recipes so you know just what went into that last stellar batch (or where your not-so-stellar cookout went wrong).

While Tappecue certainly lends a degree of convenience, it’s also about protecting your investment—both time and money, Bourret says. “You spend all of this money on meat, and you want to make sure that it is protected,” she points out.

Whether you’re a barbecue fanatic or one in the making, Tappecue helps you achieve tender meat with consistent results. The only thing it can’t do is safeguard your secret recipe—that’s on you.

The $199 Tappecue Temperature Monitoring System is available online and in select stores. Visit to order and find retailers.