Interior Design

Patrick Madden’s Home Bases

Patrick Madden of Madden-McFarland shares 10 items that represent him.

It should come as no surprise that Patrick Madden, buyer, designer and co-owner of interior design firm Madden-McFarland, has a passion for fine furniture, represented here by fabric and carved wood samples. Resting atop the wood are cuff links, which remind him of his late father.

“He was my mentor in business, but also an incredible dad and example of how a true gentleman lives his life,” Madden says. ”He was always the best dressed man in the room.”

His dad also taught him to write thank you notes or personal notes every week. “There is still something special about receiving a personal note from a friend or colleague,” Madden explains.

Old Chukkas and a Baldwin KC cap are style staples, and a baseball symbolizes his love for all things sports, even bowling, which is part of the Big Slick Celebrity Weekend founded by Paul Rudd, Jason Sudeikis and Rob Riggle, who attended KU with Madden. The two remained friends and Madden is thrilled to be a part of the fundraiser for Children’s Mercy Hospital.

At the center of everything is a concert ticket—“Music is one of my passions,” the designer says—and a ceramic piece made by his son Joe in the second grade that sits on Madden’s nightstand. “My family is everything to me, and I have been very blessed.”

Curated selections: The KC Hat: Baldwin Denim. Chukka boots (similar): Johnston & Murphy. Big Slick Celebrity Weekend tickets: