In Good Health

Childhood health issues set James Mirabile on the path toward medicine, one that’s taken a few surprise turns.

Story by Kelsey Cipolla  |  Photo by Steve Puppe

James Mirabile, founder of Mirabile M.D. Beauty, Health & Wellness, always believed he was meant to become a doctor.

“I had my own medical problems growing up and realized the best doctors my parents took me to showed a lot of compassion. They weren’t the big names at Mayo Clinic or places like that I visited,” he says. “I felt like this was just my calling after experiencing what I went through.”

What wasn’t part of the plan was his focus on obstetrics and gynecology. During his medical school rotations, Mirabile found himself drawn to the specialty, which allowed him to be part of a largely happy time in people’s lives while still making use of his surgical skills.

“I loved delivering babies when I was a medical student,” he recalls. “But this whole woman thing was all new to me. I was raised with three brothers and knew nothing about the women I was going to face the rest of my life.”

Mirabile learned quickly, building an impressive and celebrated career around offering compassionate care to women at all stages of life. After going into solo practice as an OBGYN, he expanded his offerings to include MedCosmetic in 1999, a division specializing in non-invasive aesthetic procedures. He added Medi-Weightloss, a physician-supervised weight loss program, in 2010, which resulted in clients losing more than 34,000 pounds to date.

But running three different sites didn’t sit well with Mirabile, who likes to be hands-on. As other parts of his practice grew and required more of his attention, he decided to stop obstetrics after delivering an estimated 7,500 babies. This allowed him to bring the different components of his thriving business under one roof a few years ago in the form of Mirabile M.D. Beauty, Health & Wellness.

“I wanted kind of a one-stop shop,” he explains. “Not everything is a disease. You can take care of people in multiple ways, utilizing the skincare and the medical weight loss.”

By no longer practicing obstetrics, he opened the door to taking care of women more completely, be it through medical aesthetics procedures to help them look their best or bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, allowing them feeling like themselves during perimenopause, when many women don’t know what to expect.

It’s one of many ways Mirabile is trying to counteract what he sees as women getting left behind in the world of health care.

“Nobody is educating women on the new things that are out there,” he says. For example, hysterectomies are one of the most common procedures performed on women, but a 120-second uterine ablation procedure can also stop periods and address many of the same issues as the surgery. (Mirabile was the first physician in the world to perform the recently developed Minerva procedure on a patient after it was approved by the FDA.)

Thanks to his broad range of services, Mirabile has a hand in treating many Kansas City women throughout their lives.

“It’s really scary when the kids come in that you delivered and now they’re your patients,” he laughs. “That’s the first sign of aging for an OBGYN.”

It’s not just women who benefit from Mirable M.D. He dropped the “for women only” tag from his business and started welcoming men, who are also interested in MedCosmetic procedures, Medi-Weightloss and hormone therapy. Additionally, Mirabile offers SottoPelle hormone pellet therapy for men and women, and he serves as the international company’s medical director.

Between his business’ different divisions and new skincare and vitamin product lines, it should come as no surprise that Mirabile is short on time to relax. When asked what he does outside of the office, he answers with a chuckle and a single word: work—but that’s not a bad thing, he points out.

“I love to go to work today. It used to be, you drag yourself out and you go to work because you have to and everything, but I love going to work,” Mirabile says. “I’ve got great people working with me, and I couldn’t ask for a better team to do this with.”