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Yoga Six Opens in Town Center

Jump-start your fitness resolution with Yoga Six, now open in Leawood.

Story by Lauren Rutherford

A new year means new resolutions of fitness and health, and reaching them shouldn’t be too much of a stretch with Leawood’s newest fitness addition.

Yoga Six—a new yoga and fitness outlet—hopes to help. The goal-focused studio group, which has locations across the country, brings a sleek and modern location to Leawood with a full class lineup beginning this week.

Regional Manager Ana Llewellyn says Yoga Six offers a welcoming and supportive environment and a results-driven approach to fitness. Instructors ask you what you want to achieve and will help you reach your fitness goals, and they’ll use the science of posture to do so.

Llewellyn emphasizes that the environment at Yoga Six is one of encouragement, not defeat. The level of difficulty is up to you, and you decide where and how to push yourself. No matter your level of fitness, yoga will leave you feeling good and coming back for more, Llewellyn says. Exercise habits are easy to create when you leave the studio feeling refreshed and recharged.

“Through yoga and fitness we’re going to help you better connect to yourself in a way that is energizing, empowering and whole,” says Laurenn Cutshaw, Yoga Six vice president of marketing. “By bringing people into their bodies and making them more aware, over time they want to care for and treat them better.”

Yoga can help everyone keep their fitness resolutions this year—whether it’s your first time on the mat or if you’ve got an established fitness routine.

Llewellyn says the science of motion allows yoga to be complementary and supplementary to any other fitness activity you do. For example, repetitive motions, such as running, strengthen the same muscles repeatedly, meaning some muscles get stronger than others; yoga seeks to balance that out. Yoga practice reveals which little muscles aren’t receiving enough attention, which helps bring balance to your entire fitness regimen.

In a day in which most of our waking moments are spent in front of a screen, Cutshaw says yoga also offers mental benefits by asking us to slow down and feel what’s going on internally.

“Getting used to the quiet and learning to excel in the quiet leads to better mental mindset where you can calm down and focus,” Cutshaw says.