Sara Davidson Helps Women Become Fearless

Sara Davidson, the founder and CEO of Hello Fearless, helps women build their dream businesses and live their best lives.

Story by Riley Mortensen

When Sara Davidson entered the workforce, she found herself functioning in overdrive 24/7, pulling three all-nighters a week and killing herself to make it work. That’s when she decided to make a change.

She started her own marketing consulting firm, but again, found something was off. Davidson remembers feeling like she was on her own island, scared, alone and again burnt-out, which she says is a difficult way to start a business.

That got Davidson thinking about everything it takes for a woman to start a successful business, from the foundation pieces to building up the woman herself. At this same time, she was helping build a group of Kansas City-based female entrepreneurs called the Athena League.

As skeptical as she was about how much interest the group would generate, she soon found herself amongst over 1,000 other women looking for more, and more is what she gave them in the form of Hello Fearless.

“I just invite any woman who feels like she’s destined to do more, have more, to take that leap of faith and invest in herself to make that happen because the world so desperately needs this and anything is possible,” Davidson says.

Hello Fearless is an online learning platform, business academy and community that partners with the Kauffman Foundation’s FastTrac curriculum as well as training programs led by experts across the country to provide women with the opportunity to build not only their dream business, but their dream life.

For $1,500, women enter into Boss School, a 90-day online course complete with several weeks of personal training in a program called Core 4, business feasibility testing, accountability groups, live mentor calls, financial modeling and more. And once you’re a member, you’re a member for life, Davidson says. She and her team have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs start highly impactful, profitable, scalable businesses with help from Hello Fearless.

Entrepreneurship runs in the Davidson family. Her brother is a co-founder of Silicon Prairie News and she dedicates her business to her mother, who raised her kids single-handedly and offered endless encouragement urging them to change the status quo and be their best selves.

Now, just over a year since launching, Davidson and her team are focusing on their own expansion as they help not only women in Kansas City, but lady bosses all over the world.

“We’re really gearing up for the next stage of growth where next year we’re going to be scaling globally in Eastern Europe and Latin America and Australia to make Boss School as accessible as we possibly can,” Davidson says.

They’re also working on a program for Boss School graduates called Boss Society, which offers more hands-on-mentoring, in-person retreats, media introductions for partnerships and all around long-term support.

“The Kauffman Foundation declared this to be the decade of the woman entrepreneur,” Davidson says. “Never in the history of the world has there been a better time for women to build their dream business.”