Mid-America Gay & Lesbian Chamber Announces Stephen Metzler Mentor Program

A new mentoring program launching in January 2016 honors the legacy of Stephen Metzler.

The Mid-America Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce pays tribute to founding member C. Stephen Metzler, who passed away in March after suffering a stroke.

“He exemplified personal and professional success by setting an example for living authentically through business, civic and community efforts, and individual relationships. The chamber is proud to honor his memory and his legacy by placing his name on our mentor program,” the chamber said in its announcement of the program.

Photo by Tom Styrkowicz

The mission of the C. Stephen Metzler Mentor Program for Leadership and Civic Engagement is to foster meaningful relationships between business and community leaders and aspiring young professionals by focusing on authenticity in the work place and applying individual talents to the areas of leadership, business, civic engagement and community service.

The program includes a class of 6 mentors and 6 proteges and runs for two full calendar years, although the program starts a new class each year to create an overlap with other classes. The first year of the program focuses on readings and small group discussions related to the four key program areas, and the second year focuses on proteges’ goals and professional growth.

2016 mentors are: Brian Williams, director of development at the Folly Theater; Angela Hurt, founder of Veracity Consulting; J. Michael Sigler, first vice president investments at Robert W. Baird; Shelly Freeman, president of Human Resources Return on Investment; Dan DeLeon, navigator at Mixture; and Angela Rizzo, director of cloud marketing for Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Individuals with five years of experience or less in their current field are invited to apply. The program begins January 2016. Learn more and apply online here.