Kansas City Loves the Blues

KC is known for lots of things—jazz and blues, performing and visual arts, food and fashion, technology and entrepreneurialism, professional sports teams, barbecue, fountains, boulevards and much more. But aren’t we lucky to have the Boys in Blue as our calling card during this magical season of baseball’s best?

Commentary by Kimberly Stern, Editor-in-Chief

You can’t go anywhere in this city without feeling the blues. Singing the blues. Seeing the blues.

Hats with the familiar Baldwin “KC” logo and Charlie Hustle T-shirts declare KC + Royals love. Blue water sprays from fountains on both sides of the state line. Office buildings light up with different configurations of “KC” and even the Nelson-Atkins’ Shuttlecocks are bathed in blue. Happy hours serve up blue cocktails, martinis and margaritas; there are blue cannoli, blue smoothies and bleu cheese burgers.

Photo by Don Ipock via Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art’s Facebook page.

Blue flags fly from cars, bicycles, motorcycles, businesses and homes and hang from school children’s backpacks to affirm loyalty to our reigning royalty: the comeback kids who are compared by sports pundits to a pack of dogs that won’t quit and baseball’s new piranhas.

Trending hashtags pepper social media feeds with allegiance to the Boys in Blue: #takethecrown, #revive85, #foreverroyal.

Even the Marlins Man, once an annoyance for sitting behind home plate in his team’s trademark orange, donned a KC baseball cap during the playoffs and proclaimed his admiration for the Royals.

Yep, our beloved baseball team has left us breathless for the second consecutive year, winning the ALDS against the Astros and defeating the pesky Blue Jays to clinch the ALCS title. Hosmer, Cain, Davis, Moustakas, Escobar, Gordon, Perez, Volquez, Zobrist and the rest of the team are not only household names, they’ve pumped up our collective city spirit to the point of bursting. Allowed us to pack The K as a raucous, chanting, exuberant, towel-twirling congregation of baseball fanatics, keeping us up past our bedtime during the post-season and making it fashionable to tailgate in the stadium parking lot well past midnight.

And today we stand proud and united as a city for our fourth appearance at the doorstep of the World Series, ready to take on the Mets, captivated by baseball’s nostalgic powers, willingly seduced by its magical spell.

Blue October has us in its warm embrace. Bring it on boys, your brand of baseball and esprit de corps that’s left an eternal, indelible thumbprint on our hearts.

This is KC and we love the blues.

Royals photo via the Kansas City Royals’ Facebook page.