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Behind the Dish: Westport Cafe & Bar’s #BloodyMaryTizer

Get the scoop on Westport Cafe & Bar’s #BloodyMaryTizer, one of the offerings on its game-changing Blue October menu.

Every once in a while, you encounter a dish that makes you stop and stare, mouth agape. Westport Cafe & Bar’s #BloodyMaryTizer falls into that category. Offered as part of the restaurant’s new Royals’ playoff game menu, it’s a cocktail-hybrid appetizer that stands 18 inches tall, says chef-owner Aaron Confessori.

Inspired by extreme Blood Marys Confessori and company had seen on social media and at a restaurant in Austin during a recent trip, he and fellow chef-owner Richard Wiles set out to create their own take.

“The Blood Mary is a showstopper for sure,” Confessori says. “We just kept adding on and adding on and adding on until we felt however massive and ridiculous it is, it’s balanced.”

The $15, 25-ounce cocktail is made with Westport Cafe’s popular house Blood Mary mix and J. Rieger & Co. Midwestern Premium Vodka, then garnished with seven skewers of snacks, including chicken and waffles; mini tacos, pizza rolls and taquitos; pepper jack cheese and tomatoes; four different types of pickles; and mini corn dogs.

“It’s kind of every little freezer appetizer you would want to have at a game or watching a game, all finger foods that can be shared,” Confessori explains.

So how does he recommend eating it?

“With friends, obviously,” he says with a laugh. “If you want to try to do it yourself go for it, but definitely just dig in.”

The #BloodyMartyTizer is just one of the new dishes and drinks offered on the new menu, which will be served during Royals playoff games, starting Thursday, Oct. 8, in addition to the regular menus.

Other additions include hot chicken legs, Korean tacos and nachos, the Escobratwurst, a foot-long Sheboygan bratwurst from Broadway Butcher Shop, the Ga Pow Burrito, fusing Mexican and Thai flavors with chicken, basil, bell peppers, French fries, oyster shoyu and a fried egg, and 25-ounce stadium beers, among many others.

The restaurant is also adding two large TVs to make its bistro setting more game-day friendly after missing out on the excitement, and business, that last year’s playoff run brought.

“Not only myself, but everyone, found themselves at whatever bar or restaurant had the game on if they weren’t at the game—and that wasn’t us,” Confessori says. “We thought if we did go back to the playoffs, we had to get out in front of it.”

The dishes are inspired by fan favorites from Westport Cafe’s former food truck, Westport Street Fare, optimized for baseball watching: “Simple, approachable, delicious, salty, spicy things that make you want to drink a little bit more,” Confessori says. “And easy—you don’t want to be slaving away over the stove or sitting down to a four-course meal when the game is on because you’re going to be distracted.”

After all, no matter how good the food is, your attention should be focused on the team during Blue October.

Call 816-931-4740 or visit Open Table for reservations. –Kelsey Cipolla