KC Fashion Week Kicks Off With Rooftop Runway Show

Kansas City Fashion Week took things up a level with a runway show at One Light’s rooftop pool.

Story by Kathryn Greene

Current Billboard Hot 100 hit “I Don’t Like It, I Love It” signaled the start of “Runway on the Rooftop,” Wednesday night. The pool-turned-runway atop the One Light roof was an idyllic backdrop for the first designer in the lineup, Jenna Sea swimwear. While nothing sets a mood faster than the latest in catchy pop, the song was also lyrically fitting—I know I couldn’t help repeating it over and over in my head with each consecutive look sent down the runway:”I don’t like it, I love it love it love it. I don’t want it, I gotta gotta have it.”

Emceed by KCTV5’s Courtenay DeHoff, the second designer that showed was Zafar, showcasing several looks reminiscent of the 1940s, with dresses that hit just below the knee cinched with a belt, as well as structured tops and tailored pants. A look accessorized with a cherry red patent leather handbag was one of several that used the hue for a pop of color alongside otherwise monochromatic ensembles.

The Mary Mwash Collection was introduced with designer Mary Mwash’s inspiration, which she stated as “clothes that could be worn on a safari expedition.” The highly constructed pieces’ tones and textures of browns, greens, yellows, and blues mimicked the natural colors of the Serengeti—it was easy to imagine wearing these clothes in what seems destined to be their natural habitat.

“Runway on the Rooftop” concluded with looks from the Garment District Boutique that featured flowing maxi dresses, tribal prints, and ankle booties. Between the glimmering turquoise water of the pool and soft neon purple lighting, there couldn’t have been a chicer way to kick off fashion week. Check back tomorrow for full coverage of tonight’s Fair and Fashionable show—a charity benefit with special guest Michael Drummond from “Project Runway”—and get tickets to shows, which run through Saturday night, online here.