KC Fashion Week Comes to a Close

KC Fashion Week’s 2016 Spring/Summer season wraps up with spectacular runway shows from local designers.

Story by Kathryn Greene  |  Photos by Larry F. Levenson Photography

Backstage on the closing night of KC Fashion Week Saturday, several hours prior to the shows’ opening, energy was at a high. Designers were in various stages of the process, finishing last-minute fittings, completing styling choices and sending their models down the runway for rehearsal in front of empty chairs. Countless hours of creativity, sewing and production from each designer would soon be showcased in just several minutes time. Everything has to be perfect, down to the last detail, because once the lights brighten and the first model’s stiletto heel hit the catwalk, it’s show time.

And they didn’t disappoint: The closing lineup included Architexture, Katie Lee, Lucia’s Sarto, Independence Center, Heidi Herrman, House of Cochon, Maria Behnen, Tomboy Designs, and Alicia Janesko Caftans and Resort Wear, making it the only show of the week where every designer showing was based in Kansas City.


Architexture opened the show with structured minimalist womenswear in icy colors, paired with blue lips to match.

Katie Lee

The bride wore black? Katie Lee’s bridal wear ran the gamut from traditional ivory to black and Lee proved God is in the details with intricate Art Deco-style beadwork and rosettes.

Lucia’s Sarto

Lucia’s Sarto, from designer Nataliya Meyer, had flowing designs that started out black and transitioned to snakeskin and florals. One such breathtaking detail that led to visible gasps from the audience used Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting “Leda and the Swan,” featured prominently on the backside of several garments.

Heidi Herrman

Heidi Herrman’s collection brought Kansas City to the forefront like no other. Iconic KC landmarks such as the Kauffman Center, the shuttlecocks and the J.C. Nichols fountain were photographed and slightly abstracted before being made into dresses. (Learn more about the designs, which were featured in our September issue, here.) Anyone familiar with Kansas City would recognize the symbols immediately, but to the unacquainted eye they simply made for compelling patterns.

House of Cochon

House of Cochon’s mandala-inspired jewelry line popped against the flowing white garments it was paired with.

Maria Behnen

Maria Behnen presented a collection that used just three colors: navy, silver and white. Behren stated that her line was inspired by the Studio 54 era, not just entirely believable, but effortless to visualize. The sheer jumpsuits, sky-high silver stilettos and tailored pants could have just as easily been worn by Bianca Jagger back in the day.

Tomboy Designs

Tomboy Designs’ athleisure-inspired wear seemed every bit as comfortable as it was versatile in black and white stripes, hot pinks, reds, and blues. Laura McGrew’s collection could be taken from day to night and back again with the right accessories.

Alicia Janesko Caftans and Resortwear

Designer-sister duo, Alicia and Jennifer Janesko brought Kansas City Fashion Week Summer/Spring 2016 collections to a close. Featuring Alicia’s caftans in various gradients of black and gray, feather details, meticulously-placed rhinestones and designs painstakingly hand-painted by Jennifer Janesko.

From the rooftop runway at One Light to the shows inside Union Station, Kansas City Fashion Week once again brought together designs from top talent from across the Midwest to sold-out, standing room only crowds. We’re already ready for KC Fashion Week’s return in the spring. Didn’t get a chance to attend this year? Don’t miss out. Keep an eye on for tickets.