Blue Gallery Celebrates 15 Years in the Crossroads

Blue Gallery commemorates 15 years of artists, collectors and memories with a special exhibition.

Photo by Kenny Johnson Photography

After falling in love with an art history class her freshman year of college, Kelly Kuhn made it her life’s mission to become an art collector. Little did she know that not only would she become a collector, but also the owner of her very own gallery: the Blue Gallery in the Crossroads Arts District, opened with her husband David in 2000.

“We think the experience of having art should give you pleasure and reflect back to you the best parts of yourself,” Kuhn says. “It should be transformative and inspire you to have a great life.”

The gallery owner met her husband in college and says they were both art lovers who felt like the fine art scene was a little too elitist, as if there was a secret handshake you needed to know in order to be in the club with access to original art.

“I had a dream of opening an art gallery that wasn’t that way, that if someone genuinely was interested in acquiring original art, no matter what their economic level was, that we could figure it out,” Kuhn says.

She opened a gallery focused on showing clients work that was in their budget and would feel right in their homes.

“Art is for everyone, so we try really hard to do that,” Kuhn says.

It hasn’t always been easy. The gallery was only a year old when 9/11 occurred and then there was the stock market disaster of 2007, which took a toll but wasn’t even the business’ worst year.

The gallery was able to weather those storms because of their loyal customer and artist base, Kuhn says. Many of her collectors and artists have been with the gallery since it opened and Kuhn emphasizes it’s a sacred partnership.

In order to celebrate that partnership and the many memories they’ve made, the Blue Gallery’s anniversary show will feature KOLLABS’ “Royal Garden,” a collaborative project between artists Luis Garcia-Nerey and Anke Schofield, as well as select pieces from the gallery’s other artists. The new exhibition, which opened Sept. 3, will run through September 26.

KOLLABS’ “Royal Garden;” mixed media and resin on panel; 48” x 60.” Photo courtesy of Blue Gallery.

Kuhn says the showing commemorates the great year the gallery is having and the work from KOLLABS represents what the gallery is all about.

“They’re sophisticated and they’re fun, and I would say that that’s definitely the heart of our business” Kuhn says. “We’re serious, but also think life should be celebrated.” –Riley Mortensen