KC in the Spotlight: Coffee and Women in Barbecue

The latest round of KC media mentions includes recognition for two of KC’s leading ladies of barbecue and coffee compliments.

You grill, girl! KC’s own Carolyn Wells and Karen Adler appear on Thrillist’s recent “12 of the Most Important Women in BBQ” list.

Wells, founder and executive director of the Kansas City Barbeque Society, started the organization after make a name on the competitive circuit. Today it boasts more than 21,000 members and almost 500 competitions are sanctioned on its rules, Thrillist notes.

Adler, a lifelong barbecue fan, officially entered the world of smoked meats with Pig Out Publications, which now offers dozens of cookbooks, including plenty she’s co-authored. Adler is also half of the grilling experts the BBQ Queens, along with Judith Fertig. Get a taste of their new cookbook of French bistro inspired recipes, “BBQ Bistro,” here along with a recipe for planked scallops with pistachio butter and grilled cauliflower with orange-olive pistou.

Karen Adler and Judith Fertig’s grilled cauliflower paillards with orange-olive pistou

Of course the city’s barbecue talent isn’t the only thing the world is taking note of—KC’s coffee is pretty darn impressive too. Thou Mayest popped up on Food & Wine’s millennial-centric website FWx as one of eight phenomenal coffee shops where visitors can satisfy their thirst for both wine and coffee.

And KC came in at No. 6 on the Daily Meal’s roundup of the 10 best cities for coffee in the country, with coffee writer and expert Erin Meister telling the website, “While most people immediately think of Portland, Seattle, and New York, I’d say that Kansas City has a really vibrant and fresh coffee scene these days.” Parisi, Oddly Correct, Quay Coffee and The Roasterie get shout outs for representing “why Kansas City is finally getting the attention it deserves in this arena,” in the article.

Oddly Correct