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Chefs Square Off at La Bodega’s Paella Challenge

Two La Bodega chefs compete for the belt at the restaurant’s Paella Challenge.

The monthly competition that pits notables KC culinary figure against one and other returns July 22 at the restaurant’s Southwest Boulevard location. The bout features a showdown between La Bodega’s own Nate Deters and English Renshaw.

Watch them in action as they develop the paella’s flavors throughout the evening before presenting their final dishes. Will they be traditional or innovative? And who will walk away with the July Paella Challenge champ title and the belt? Find out with a reserved seat ($35 per person, including wine porron; call for reservations). But you aren’t just a spectator: Guests get to cast their vote along with a panel of judges that includes KC Magazine’s own Katie Van Luchene and columnist Craig Jones.

Regardless of who the loser is, your stomach will be a winner.