Reppin’ KC: Eric Hosmer

Eric Hosmer’s royal presence at the plate has captivated baseball fans at The K and far beyond the city’s boundaries.

Get to know Eric Hosmer, one of the men elevating Kansas City who we’re highlighting in our Reppin’ KC series.

Story by Alex Hoffman  |  Photos by Landon Vonderschmidt

Not many players in Major League Baseball look like they’re having as much fun as Eric Hosmer. And the Royals caught some flak from other clubs for a rambunctious and enthusiastic style of play. But playing with too much passion is an odd bit of criticism, and it makes no difference to Hosmer if they rub teams the wrong way.

“The way we look at it is—and especially coming into the postseason last year—we realized that there’s plenty of guys that have played this game a lot longer than we’ve been playing and they’ve never had the opportunity to play on that stage that we were on,” Hosmer says. “As a team, we all got together and said we need to enjoy each and every moment that the postseason brings us.

“And when you have guys on your team that you truly get along with and you’re out there having fun and you really don’t care what the outside perspective is on you, the way we feel is we’re not disrespecting the game by any means. We’re going out and enjoying every moment and embracing it and having fun with each other.”

The 26-year-old Hosmer is already a veteran who erupted for 12 postseason RBI in the Royals’ 2014 World Series run. And he started this season on a similar roll with a .322 average in the first 30 games. As a cornerstone of general manager Dayton Moore’s rebuilding project, Hosmer—who is also a Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Kansas City ambassador—has been one of the ringleaders of a massive turnaround.

“To see the whole thing play out,” he says, “and be a part of all these things from the beginning stages is really special.”