Heidmann Art Salon is KC’s Exclusive Arty Party

One-night events connect artists and collectors in a spectacular setting.

We’ve highlighted pop-up restaurants and underground dinner clubs, but the latest must-have invitation is for a feast for the senses.

Interior designer Scott Heidmann’s invite-only art events are inspired by the Parisian salons of the 1920s, in which art collectors and artists met and mingled at private parties. He hosted the first Heidmann Art Salon summer 2013 in his chic Plaza home, where around 70 aesthetes, collectors, curators and friends gathered for cocktails and appetizers, and to see a collection of works by the guest of honor, KCAI-trained ceramic artist Lauren Mabry. The one-night event was such a success, Heidmann followed up later in the year with a bigger, more elaborate evening with a Parisian flea market theme.

The Heidmann Art Salon all but cleared out his personal belongings to make way for a spectacle.

The more than 100 guests were greeted at the door by a costumed usher handing out playbills for the evening, before entering into a space that had been transformed with string lights, vintage art and knick-knacks and a carefully curated collection of works by several artists.

Scott Heidmann, Kansas City interior designer and creator of the Heidmann Art Salon concept. Photos by Patty Dover.

Heidmann says the goal is to make the art collector’s experience a pleasure. “I think some people are intimidated by galleries,” he says. “And it can be difficult to envision how something you see in a gallery could have a place in your home. I wanted to showcase art in my home so people could see how it all fits.”

The latest Heidmann Art Salon location is far from its simple beginnings, taking place on a vacant floor of an old dairy factory in Midtown that SQUAREONEDESIGN calls home. Owner Chad Grossenkemper will have a hand in producing the event, which will feature the work of Swiss artist Nina Staehli.

“It was our intention to be a nomadic destination art happening,” Heidmann says. “In collaborating with my creative partner Ken Petti, we determined that the salon experience would grow to explore and align with alternative spaces and even business entities in Kansas City that compliments the artist and make the evening more experiential.”

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