Good Grooming

Even the most minimal groomer will want to add these products to his routine.

The decidedly masculine packaging and scents (Duke Cannon soaps boast fragrance names including “Victory” and “Accomplishment”) make taking care of your hair and body a pursuit as manly as any.

Canister with five soaps and screwdriver (not pictured), $75, from The General Store & Co. Rascal hair wash, $28, and hair repair, $30; Truefitt & Hill luxury shaving soap, $26, and shaving cream, $30, from The Gent’s Place. Comme des Garcons Blue Santal eau de parfum natural spray, $131; Imperial pre-shave oil, $16, and after-shave balm and face moisturizer, $22, from Baldwin. Wood grain shaving brush, $40; silver razor, $40; and stand, $30; from The Gent’s Place.