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Cold Sips for Hot Days

Grab one of these caffeinated, ice-cold beverages for an afternoon pick-me-up.

As temperatures outside climb, the idea of sipping on a hot cup of coffee sounds less and less appealing. But summertime means local shops have started offering cold brew coffee again. We’ve rounded up some of KC’s coolest takes on cold coffee and tea.

Parisi’s Coffee soda

“I love iced coffee and I love Italian soda, so I thought, why not both?” drink developer Kate Blackman says of her creation. True to its name, this carbonated coffee is made by pouring a single-origin brew over sparkling water and adding hints of orange.

Oddly Correct’s Hop! Toddy

Get hopped up with this unique espresso drink. Oddly Correct infuses espresso with hops to create a light, smooth brew that Esquire recently mentioned as one of “Five New Ways You’re Gonna Drink Coffee This Summer.” Despite the hops, this drink isn’t alcoholic, but Oddly Correct wraps the bottle in a brown paper bag, so you may look a little funny walking into work with one in hand.

Kaldi’s Coffee’s Matcha Mint Lemonade

If you like green tea, this drink will hit the spot. Matcha is a form of the tea that’s loaded with antioxidants and caffeine. Kaldi’s take combines a finely ground and dried matcha powder with house-made mint simple syrup and lemonade to create this classy, caffeinated lemonade twist.

One More Cup’s Cali-Cola

The Cali-Cola is a combination of Mexican Coca-Cola, which is made with real sugar, and a shot of toddy.

Toddy—a concentrated cold brew coffee made by soaking the coffee grounds for several hours—touts benefits such as a smoother taste and less acid. (Some people who can’t stomach regular coffee can drink toddy without any problems.) One More Cup offers a handful of other toddy drinks.

One More Cup co-owner Stacy Neff says the Cali-Cola tastes like a chocolatey Coke. Some customers prefer it with a splash of cream or a hint of vanilla simple syrup. –Lauren Rutherford

Photo via One More Cup’s Facebook page.