Picnic Perfect

No need to make a reservation to enjoy a spectacular meal.

This summer one of KC’s many beautiful outdoor spaces can be your dining room. With these cute picnic picks, you won’t miss the restaurant experience one bit. Take them for a spin at one of our favorite local picnic spots (and don’t forget to pack these healthy alternatives in your basket).

One hundred 80 degrees faux paper plate, $5.95; glass chevron bottles, $8.75 each; and The Royal Standard red runner, $17.50; from Sidelines Floral Designs. Paper napkins, $27.95 as part of a serving set, from Olive Tree in Hawthorne Plaza. Artgoodies organic tea towel, $18; pie slicer, $33.50; wood utensils, $12 for a pack; black wood doily, $12; and pies; from The Upper Crust Pie Bakery. Kantha blanket, $140, from Randy Neal Floral Design.

Photo by Aaron Lindberg