Outside the Office

Office got you down? Try one of these outdoor workspaces.

Whatever your stance on working remotely is, it’s hard to deny the appeal of working from wherever you want—especially on a beautiful day when the outdoors can be your office. Here are some of our favorite (Wi-Fi enabled, of course) places around town.

The Roasterie

What better place to work than a spot with always flowing coffee? The Brookside coffee shop has open windows that allow you to feel the breeze as you work at a nice sit up bar or outside at one of the few tables on the patio.


Enjoy the quiche du jour as you type away at one of the wire tables right outside this French bistro. Don’t forget to grab a café au lait and the Wi-Fi password!

Blue Grotto

With a cozy patio filled with cushioned seating areas, you can spend a few hours comfortably working away from the office.

Coffee Girls Café

With amazing coffee (and Nutella croissants) you’ll get plenty of work done while enjoying the “open door” policy. Get some fresh air without the dreaded sun glare on your laptop.

Barkley Square

In the heart of Park Place, this plush park is perfect for a day outside. There’s plenty of large chairs and with close proximity to Ingredient and Parisi, you can get your coffee and salad fix.

Photo via Facebook.