KC Gets a ‘Planetary’ Perspective

Kansas City-based A Great Collaboration wants locals to connect to something bigger with a screening of the documentary “Planetary.”

The organization, cofounded by Laura Welch and Keith Garde, is a collection of people from the film industry, music and festivals space, nonprofit sector and intellectual programming and conference tracks, all aligned to accelerate the cultural shifts required to help put our planet back on track.

When Mike Lundgren, VML partner and director of innovation strategy and TEDxKC founder, learned his friends were starting up A Great Collaboration, he had just the way for it to make a splash—a screening of the documentary he had recently seen called “Planetary.”

The film, which premiered in March at South by Southwest, explores humans’ cosmic origins and our future as a species, asking viewers to reconsider our relationship with ourselves, each other and the world around us. What struck Lundgren about “Planetary” was what astronauts call the overview effect, a sense that everyone is connected both to one and other and the planet itself when they look back at the Earth.

“From space, borders, economies and divisions totally disappear. It’s harder to be self-indulgent and think ‘my’ actions don’t matter,” Lundgren says. “Of course they do, in the aggregate they matter a lot, especially when they are multiplied by 7 billion.”

A screening of the film is being held 7 p.m. Saturday, May 9 at The Folly Theater, followed by a panel discussion with filmmakers Guy Reid and Christop Ferstad as well as astronaut Ron Garan, who is stopping by the Kauffman School today to speak to students. Then guests will be transported to the island of Madagascar with a mixed media presentation from local musician Barclay Martin’s Hemispheres Project.

VIP tickets to the enlightening evening are sold out, but you can still pick up a general admission ticket for $20 online here, and watch the trailer below.