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Inspired Entertaining: Vintage Mother’s Day Brunch

This year, pull out the treasured china and celebrate Mom with a timeless brunch at home.

Story by Lon Lane and Stewart Lane

Personalize Mother’s Day by honoring moms of all ages—and mothers-to-be—with a spectacular vintage-themed brunch at home. And, in keeping with our philosophy that entertaining is best told through a story, we’ve written several chapters in a lovely time continuum sure to touch the hearts of all your guests.

Our Mother’s Day brunch—which incorporates visual style, delicious dishes and pays homage to the eternal promises of motherhood—is ideal for the vintage china, glassware, silver, serving pieces and linens handed down to you from your grandmother or aunt, or the pieces discovered during antique-hunting expeditions.

The brunch menu is decidedly contemporary, with a refreshing cocktail (or mocktail), an egg dish with a modern twist and a show-stopping dessert. Bid your guests adieu with a gift that will bloom throughout the summer—a colorful reminder of how nurturing is a mother’s second nature.

Stewart has fond memories of his grandmother Jones’ china. Pure white with a pink floral pattern dancing around the edge, she always removed it from the dining room hutch, her delicate hands placing the china around the table with love. Setting the table was her ritual—everything had to be just-so for the occasion, whether it was Christmas dinner, a birthday celebration or a ladies lunch.

Granny Lane always used exceptionally beautiful etched-glass stemware, eternally polished to a crystal-clear shine. Fragile and lightweight, the glasses fit perfectly in your hand as you joined a toast, and they always seemed to make whatever you were drinking taste that much better.

Today when we celebrate Mother’s Day in the Lane household, it is a tribute to the mothers who have influenced our lives—past, present and future. The tablescape includes grandmother Jones’ china, granny Lane’s glassware, heirloom silver and linens and vases of flowers.

Lon Lane’s classic Eggs Florentine.

Guests are greeted with a gingered orange juice mimosa with bright overtones of apricot and mango. The beginning of our Mother’s Day story, the sweet-and-spicy drink mixed with the effervescence of crisp prosecco or Champagne (or ginger ale) sets the mood for what is to come.

The bubbles are kept in play as guests move to the pretty table for the first course. Vintage continental Champagne glasses that are filled with a mix of fruit and spring berries and topped off tableside with a splash of sparkling rosé open the next chapter of our entertaining story.

Classic eggs Benedict are replaced by an entrée with more show and a lot less dough: eggs Florentine encased in phyllo, napped with a velvety, no-double-boiler, hollandaise sauce. Crisp blanched asparagus spears wrapped in a paper-thin strip of prosciutto and sliced heirloom tomatoes complete the plate, offering balance and springtime color. Freshly baked mini cinnamon rolls drizzled with orange-scented icing and sprinkled with candied rose crystals complement the vintage china’s graceful design.

A fluffy lemon dainty soufflé, dusted with powdered sugar and garnished with blackberries paired with prosecco, Champagne or ginger ale, is the story’s sweet ending.

Lon Lane’s Lemon Dainty dessert.

As they say goodbye, guests are presented with a small flowerpot planted with a blooming geranium. All summer, they will recall the joyous celebration and the promise of many more Mother’s Day stories to come.

Click the links to Lon Lane’s Vintage Mother’s Day Brunch recipes and learn how to make them!


Lon Lane’s Inspired Occasions Signature Gingered Orange Juice Mimosa

Topped with Prosecco, Champagne or Ginger Ale

First Course

Fresh Fruit and Spring Berries Topped Tableside with a Splash of Sparkling Rosé


Eggs Florentine in Phyllo Dough with Hollandaise Sauce

Blanched Asparagus Spears Wrapped in Prosciutto with Sliced Heirloom Tomatoes

Freshly-baked Mini Cinnamon Rolls Drizzled with Orange-Scented Icing Dusted with Candied Rose Crystals

Sweet Ending

Lemon Dainty Dusted with Powdered Sugar and Blackberries

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