Red-y To Go

Red always makes an impact, especially if you are going red to show your support for the American Heart Association – Kansas City.

The organization is hosting the Go Red for Women Luncheon & Expo Friday, April 17 at the Overland Park Convention Center. Get more information and register at

Red Deu Lux backpack, $89.99, and Coach leather iPad case, $118.98, from Saks Fifth Avenue Off 5th. Heart clutch, $39.99, from Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse. White leaf tray, $93 for set of three (includes green and aqua), from Feng. Mud Pie red clutch with built-in bracelet, $32, from Mended Wing at Threshing Bee. Red and gold ring, $15, from Two Chic Blvd at Garment District. Red and gold bracelets, $14.99 each, from Off 5th. Gold bracelets, $46 each, from Zuzu’s Petals at Threshing Bee. Red Saks Fifth Avenue gold clutch, $39.99, from Off 5th. Red belts, $16 each, from Scoobie at Garment District. Red ballet Converses, $44.99, from Off Broadway. Chevron scarf, $15, from Frankie & Jules at Garment District.