Young at Heart

Kansas City Chiefs player Sanders Commings and Kyle Green bring 90s flair to your sock drawer.

It’s a familiar story to many young adults: You get out of college and aren’t quite sure about the next step. While Sanders Commings joined the NFL as a defensive back for the Kansas City Chiefs, his college friend Kyle Green pursued a legal career. But law school didn’t feel like the right fit for Green, who wanted to do something more creative—and fun.

Green landed on the idea of designing socks, and after bringing Commings in as co-owner and CMO, learning about the industry through mentorships and extensively testing products, Young Hearted Socks was born.

“We both think socks are a good way to express yourself,” Commings says. “If you’re a business man wearing suits, you can show your character through your socks.”

The socks, made from Olefin, a lightweight, moisture-wicking material with antimicrobial protection, were originally conceptualized as a way for young professionals have a little fun with their style but have found a broader fan base. Emblazoned with 90s-inspired designs created by Green and influenced by the duo’s childhood, they are intended to make wearers feel young at heart, whether they’re actual kids or adults who feel like big kids. The first collection for men includes graphic Aztec patterns, ice cream cones and a dinosaur-adorned style called “Land Before Time,” Green’s personal favorite.

The collection launched in October 2014, and Green and Commings found themselves surprised by the response. “We thought we would have to go back and tweak, tweak, tweak,” Commings says, but the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. “This first collection could really be something.”

Young Hearted Socks’ “Raton” sock.

Fresh from its KCFW debut, the company is also currently working on a dress sock and a collegiate collection (KU and MU styles are currently available and a K-State version is in development).

Catch their designs at Mosaic Ultra Lounge for Young Hearted Socks’ KCFW afterparty Friday, March 20.  —Kelsey Cipolla