Post-Gym Beauty Fixes

Stepping off the elliptical, you may be less than enthused to quickly turn around to meet your friends for a cocktail soiree.

With these tips and tricks, you can keep your workout glow and still feel fresh and fabulous for those post-gym plans.

For Your Hair

Invest in the ultimate product to combat your less than desirable hair, a dry shampoo that will absorb oil and add volume. Stylist and blogger Melanie Knopke swears by R+CO’s Death Valley Dry Shampoo ($29, from Vincent + Greer Hair Studio). “It makes your hair smell nice and will get rid of the sweat and grease.”

Restyling your hair post gym can be a pain. The team at Posh Blow Dry Bar suggests trying a loose ponytail or ballerina bun. For the perfect pony, flip hair upside down and spray in dry shampoo, tease hair at the crown and the sides, then tie in a ponytail. Pull out loose strands to frame the face for an effortless look and complete with finishing spray

To get a quick a ballerina bun, brush hair into a high ponytail at the top of your head, then tease it and wrap it into a bun. Smooth with a fine-toothed comb and finish with hairspray for a polished, easy look.

For Your Style

“I love a top that you can throw over your workout tank that is not only comfortable but also appropriate to be seen in public,” Knopke says. She also approves of an easy breezy pant that is perfect to throw on post workout. Get the look with this sweater, $79, from lululemon, and the “City” jogger pant, $89, from Athleta.

If your workout shoes are grungy, try switching them out for a cute pair of sneakers. “Slip-on sneakers are super comfortable and sporty, but with a little more style,” Knopke adds.

For Your Skin

A sweaty workout session can leave your skin oily and prone to dirt and grime, and leaving makeup on while you sweat can clog your pores. Owner of Fitness Culture and Pilates enthusiast, Petra Boerigter, suggests using wet wipes to rid your skin of impurities. “Pampers Baby Wipes have a fresh scent and are soft on your skin,” Boerigter says. “I keep them in my car, gym bag and at home because they are great to quickly wipe down after sweating from your workout.”

For cleansing your skin, try one of the many products from skincare line Province Apothecary, like the moisturizing cleanser and makeup remover ($16, from Fitness Culture). The product line is great for sensitive and acne prone skin and is easy to toss in your gym bag.

Finish by spraying a fragrance or deodorizing spray. “I love Lush’s Dirty Solid Perfume ($10.95, from Lush at Oak Park Mall) to keep in my gym bag as well as the new Degree Dry Spray,” Boerigter says. “I literally spray it everywhere.”

Photos via companies’ websites.