3 Things You Need: Notebooks

Jot your wise words (or to-do list) down on something prettier than loose leaf.  

There is no denying communication has gone digital, but we’re still fans of the handwritten word. Keep a hard copy of your thoughts and notes together in one of these charming notebooks

The “Bella” spiral by Kate Spade ($20, from RSVP in the Village) is an incognito notebook hidden inside a magazine style cover and perfect for toting in your work bag.

This Take Epic Changes journal ($12.95, from Feng) is just begging to be kept by your bedside where you can jot down all of your amazing late-night and early-morning ideas and it can provide much-needed inspiration with its positive motto.

Remembering all your to-do lists and grocery lists can be challenging. This artsy brushstroke-print pad ($14, from HMK) is here to help. Even better? It’s made by local Ampersand Design Studio so you’ll feel that extra burst of KC pride every time you open it.