Table for Two: Keely Edgington and Beau Williams

From that first dinner date to celebratory anniversary feasts (and all the casual brunches, lunches and happy hours in between), going out to share a meal is one of the most common ways we connect with the objects of our affection. Here’s where KC’s cocktail experts Keely Edgington and Beau Williams go to celebrate their mutual love of food.

Story by Kimberly Winter Stern

The same goes for the professionals who spend their days and evenings behind the scenes in the restaurants where we enjoy those magic moments together. We asked some of Kansas City’s best-known culinary couples to tell us where they go to cozy up over cocktails or dine à deux.

The cocktail wizards behind the impossibly cozy and convivial Julep Cocktail Club, Keely Edgington and Beau Williams, tested their personal chemistry on a first date at Justus Drugstore.

“It was five hours of awesome, and involved a good vintage of wine,” Williams recalls. “Since Keely’s a Francophile, our second date was at Le Fou Frog, where we ate and drank Champagne and cognac.”

These days when the couple steps out, Edgington will sip something non-alcoholic as she’s expecting their first child later this year. Self-professed non-morning people, Edgington and Williams grab coffee from one of their favorite roasters: Broadway Café, Oddly Correct, Thou Mayest or Quay Coffee in the River Market.

Lunchtime finds the duo at Port Fonda where he orders the chimichanga (“Helps my girlish figure”) and she orders the enchiladas. They also frequent Chai Shai, in the Morningside neighborhood near their house, Bella Napoli in Brookside, or Korma Sutra for the lunch buffet.

Edgington and Williams treasure nightlife and they aim to do it up right when given the opportunity.

“Before Keely got pregnant, Ça Va was our go-to for bubbles and Julep for whiskey or cocktails,” Williams says. “And during dinner we try to shelve shop talk, although we’re not always successful.”

Casual eats. Pizzabella in the Crossroads; Café Provence in Prairie Village; Kaiyo in Overland Park for sushi; or Vietnam Café in Columbus Park.

Dinner bell. Novel, Bluestem, or Pot Pie for comfort food.“Afterwards we might catch a flick (and popcorn) at The Tivoli or a performance at Kansas City Repertory.”

Cravings. “These days, I might pop into Go Chicken Go for fried chicken to satisfy one of Keely’s appetite whims. Buffalo wings or chili cheese fries from The Peanut are a guilty pleasure.”