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Stroud’s Makes Best Fried Chicken List

Breaking news: Stroud’s makes spectacular fried chicken.

OK, so if you’ve ever bit into a piece of the crispy pan-fried chicken at Stroud’s, you already knew that. But now the rest of the world knows it too. The original location made food, drink and travel website Thrillist’s list of the 21 best fried chicken spots in America.

“Get the regular dinner, and when you bite into that crunchy, salty, juicy, peppery chicken mess, and grease runs all down your face and you just don’t care because it’s that good, maybe pause for a second and appreciate your surroundings,” the article advises.

But Stroud’s isn’t the only place we’re excited to see on the list. Memphis-based Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken also earned a spot—and Kansas City, Kansas, is getting its own location later this year.