Building a Better Burger

It’s been a long, hard winter for fans of membership-based grocery store Howard’s Organic Fare and Vegetable Patch—but soon there will be reason to celebrate.

The business closed temporarily last year when the building it operated in was acquired, but thanks in part to a successful Kickstarter campaign, Howard’s is about to make its comeback, and should be even better than before.

Owner Craig Howard, who previously worked at KC favorites such as Room 39 and Le Fou Frog, has kept busy with Howard’s catering business in the interim period between then and the opening of the new location at 1708 Oak St. in the Crossroads, expected in late February or early March. The latest incarnation of Howard’s will feature a grocery aspect that honors its owner’s commitment to organic, fair trade and humanely raised foods, plus a rooftop garden and a small café, where customers will be able to pick up meals to prepare at home or enjoy on the premises.

The menu—like the café seating—will be limited. Only two or three soups, salads and sandwiches will make up the regular rotation. “Small is important for me,” says Howard, adding that this will allow him to focus on quality.

One thing we can’t wait to focus our attention (and taste buds) on is Howard’s cheeseburger. “I fell in love with burgers as a kid, and used to love eating Kraft Singles straight from the fridge,” he says. Howard’s grown-up version, made with griddled grass-fed beef, and his grilled cheese sandwich, which both use a gooey American-style cheese the chef creates from scratch, promise to be guilt-free indulgences that surpasses those childhood comfort foods in deliciousness. Check Howard’s Facebook page for updates.