3 Things You Need: Fragrances

Whether you desire a classic scent for daily wear or love spicing things up from time to time, fragrances are a staple in any beauty cabinet.

Try one of these divine scents to add a little something extra to your routine.

Dream about spring in the dead of winter with Trapp & Company’s Lavender de Provence Fragrance Mist ($11, from Trapp & Company). Known for it’s calming abilities, this fresh lavender mist can help de-stress your entire home.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more popular fragrance than Chanel. This Chance Eau fraîche ($90, from Halls) smells fresh and light thanks to lemon, cedar and jasmine. Spritz away!

For the modern girl on the go, this Tokyo Milk Dead Sexy Parfum is perfect for everyday use ($34, from Miriam Garvey). Its alluring deep vanilla and exotic wood scent infused with sensual white orchid and ebony creates a mix that is balanced between masculine and feminine.