Alysa Cascio of Alysa Rene Boutique: What’s In Your Purse?

One of the most fashionable shop owners around, Alysa Cascio of Alysa Rene, let us poke around in her stylish cognac fringe bag to see what she keeps on her while she’s on the go.  

Q. Tell us a little about what’s in your purse.

A. Well I always keep my wallet with my credit cards, obviously. A hairbrush, lipstick and makeup for touch ups. I have plastic toothpicks in case of a food emergency, my favorite perfume and a scarf. I always keep a spare necklace to brighten up any outfit. Business cards on hand are a must, and sometimes I’ll keep bills to remind me to pay them or line sheets for orders for my store. And of course, I always have my cinnamon Altoids.

Q. What’s most the important thing in your bag right now?

A. Well besides my wallet, my lipstick. Or my glasses are also really important. I don’t know, I can’t leave home with all my stuff…it’s all important!

Q. What’s your favorite item?

A. Honestly, I love my Miss Marisa perfume. I’ve worn it for years. But probably also my lipstick or hairbrush. Favorites are tough! A necklace is always nice to change up any outfit to go to dinner or out. But a refreshing spray of perfume always makes you feel better without going overboard.

Q. If you had to downsize to a clutch, what would you keep?

A. My iPhone…it’s my life. I think it’s everyone’s life. I would also have to have a credit card, driver’s license, lipstick and Altoids. That’s all I need to go out.