Your Fall To-Do List

What’s scarier than a haunted house? Not doing all of these fun fall activities!

It’s that time of year where the foliage has changed into warm hues of reds and browns and snug infinity scarves demand to be accessorized. Enjoy these fall activities before the polar vortex returns.

1. Visit the Louisburg Cider Mill, where you can pick out a pumpkin, tackle the corn maze and of course sip freshly pressed apple cider (and devour a delicious cider doughnut).

2. Go cheer on the Chiefs!

3. Have a bonfire with friends. Pass the marshmallows, please.

4. Get your Martha Stewart on and bake a seasonal pie. If cooking isn’t your area of expertise, just eat a seasonal pie.

5. Rake a leaf pile, and then jump in it! Weekend chores just became a lot more fun.

6. Set the ambiance and light a seasonal scented candle. Not a fan of the sometimes-overwhelming fall scents like pumpkin spice and cinnamon apple? Opt for the equally appropriate “Be Royal” candle from 5B & Co., a blend of rawhide and grass.

7. Have a chili potluck and sample them all.

8. Fall is the best excuse to buy a new cozy scarf. Clique Boutique has a wide selection, and all pink designs benefit breast cancer charities this month.

9. Dress up for a Halloween party. Reuse all the Royals gear you bought for the World Series and go as a super fan of the (hopefully) championship-winning team with a crown atop your head.