Celebrate a Great Season for the Royals with Local Designs

The Royals’ amazing season and hard-fought loss in the World Series has made KC a very proud city with lots of baseball themed designs to wear. Here’s where to find them.

Kansas City is in love with its hometown heavy hitters, American League champs, the Royals. After they swept the Baltimore Orioles in four games showcasing some outstanding defensive plays and a brilliant bullpen, fans all over the city caught fire for their boys in blue. Restaurants created specials, the city renamed streets and some local businesses began creating some great designs professing their love for the championship hopefuls.

Unfortunately, the incredible season ended there, as our team fell to the San Francisco Giants in the final game of the World Series. They gave it their all, but it just wasn’t quite enough. But like we say, the Royals may have lost, but Kansas City definitely won.

Now the whole country has fallen head over heels, as evidenced by coverage from media outlets ranging from Buzzfeed to Movoto to The Atlantic. But we loved KC first. Show your support by grabbing these local pieces of hometown pride.

Charlie Hustle’s latest design, the “Heart KC” tee in blue and gold, helps make sure everyone knows you believe in the boys in blue.

Freelance Clothing won us over with shirts for the Royals and Chiefs, so its no surprise we’re smitten with this take the crown themed baseball-tee ($38, online and at KC Garment Collective). The company also has as 1985 version and a Royals crown hoodie.

Newcomer One Thread Apparel has impeccable timing: the custom apparel company came onto the scene just as the Royals made it to the playoff. Based on this “KC 85 – 14” tee ($15) and “We Are Royal” hoodie ($40 for men’s, $35 for women’s), we think it has a bright future after baseball season.

We’re totally on board with the Revive 85 campaign and these cute T-shirts from HMK.

Westside Storey carries a friendly reminder of the team’s World Series victory.

Farmdog Studios and Brookside’s 5B & Co. Candlemakers are helping you bring you’re a little bit of Royals love to your home.

The shop is also offering Be Royal votive candles, a blend of rawhide and grass that can be found at 5B & Co.’s Weston location too.

Keep your phone safe Royals-style in anticipation of dropping it when you start jumping up and down out of excitement with these cases from Time n Style in Zona Rosa.

Photos via Facebook.