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Inside the Homes of KC’s Style Bloggers: Kathryn Mansur

These KC bloggers don’t just write about style, they bring it home.

Story by Kelsey Cipolla  |  Photos by Jennifer Wetzel

Kathryn Mansur, Go Blog Social

Between her day job as a PR consultant, serving as media director for Kansas City Fashion Week and running the day-to-day operations for the Go Blog Social blogger conference she co-founded, Kathryn Mansur doesn’t have a lot of time for her own blog, Everyday Chic, these days. But that’s OK by her.

The Jane of many trades started blogging after accepting a job with a local PR firm, where she helped brands develop stories and content for blogs, still a novel idea in 2010. Mansur says she was in need of a creative outlet and found it through blogging about fashion, beauty, decor and other pretty things that captured her attention.

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But what started as a passion turned into a business opportunity after she left her steady job to work as a PR consultant for a LA-based agency and took the leap from employee to entrepreneur, creating Go Blog Social alongside fellow Kansas Citian and blogger Sarah Ruhlman of Sarah Scoop.

Through the conference and its expanding lineup of meet ups as well as Go Blog Social’s first pop-up conference in Chicago this month, Mansur helps other bloggers in the city and throughout the Midwest and U.S. get the resources and skills they need to turn their blogs into businesses.

“I think blogging often sounds like a very glamorous career, but it’s important to know that most bloggers have full-time jobs or side projects that they do to supplement their work,” she says. “It takes a lot to run that as a business. It’s not just posing in cute outfits or having a background in social media. It really is running your own business and having the skills to do multiple things than normally a whole staff at a business would do.”

The company, which held its first conference in August 2013, doubled attendance at this year’s two-day event, attracting small business owners looking to harness the power of communicating directly with an online audience as well as bloggers from KC and beyond. Events are equal parts inspiration and education, with Mansur nailing down local and national bloggers to speak and planning the details.

One way she’s stayed sane despite the chaos of her many responsibilities is by putting her eye for fashionable details to good use decorating the office where she often works from home.

“I think the most important thing was having a dedicated space,” she explains. “And making it a space I want to go was very important. I invested in making it stylish and very reflective of me and my personal brand.”

Mansur set her sights on a comfortable yet elegant leather chair since she knew she would be clocking a lot of time in it and filled the room, chosen for its abundance of natural light, with colorful little details, such as a glass container filled with cosmetics. Her office also pays homage to her online roots with artwork she created based on Pinterest and Etsy finds hanging on the wells as well as a bulletin board filled with inspiration.

“Before Pinterest, I always had an inspiration board,” Mansur says. “It’s just a DIY frame where I hang different pieces that inspire me, pictures from KC Fashion Week or Go Blog Social events, different things that keep me motivated.”

The result is a pretty and functional workspace perfect for a woman who fills her days helping to get the word out about beautiful things.

Now that the latest season of KCFW is behind her, she plans to get back to running her personal blog soon, but with several dream jobs to juggle, it’s no longer her top priority.

“The opportunities that it led me to were the best part of blogging,” Mansur says. “I don’t think if I’d never blogged or had the interest in it I would have had the idea to launch a concept like Go Blog Social. It really led me to the career that I was always looking for but couldn’t quite pinpoint.”

Get tips for better blogging at one of Go Blog Social’s events or online at goblogsocial.com.