Baldwin Denim Wants Your Jeans for Its Upcoming Collection

Ever dreamed of having a clothing item named for you? Now you can.

Baldwin Denim is searching for its newest styles through your oldest pairs.

Founded and designed by Kansas City’s own Matt Baldwin, Baldwin Denim prides itself on making customers part of the brand. Now the company is counting on its loyal fans to help create a unique new collection.

Using the hashtag #MYBALDWIN, Baldwin Denim is asking owners everywhere to submit and share photos of their favorite broken-in Baldwin jeans as well as the story behind what your pants have seen and done since making a home in your closet. Each submission will be entered for a chance to have the denim replicated, reproduced and named after their owners as part of an upcoming collection. Use your social media savvy to receive likes and promote your submission to a possible win.

For a full list of instructions, more information and a look at the competitors, visit Baldwin Denim, and check out Matt Baldwin talking about #MYBALDWIN in this video.