Quick and Healthy Recipe: Ikea’s Flatbread Shrimp Sandwich

Enjoy this easy snack featuring ingredients found in Ikea’s Swedish Food Market.

In case you’ve missed the news over the last few months, Ikea’s new location in Merriam is officially open for business and has a lot more to offer than just furniture. One of the most unique aspects of the store is its Swedish Food Market, where you can find the wheat flatbread and shrimp used in this recipe on the company’s website (which we’ve tweaked to make it healthier).


3 pieces soft wheat bread

1 8.8 ounce bag of shrimp, cooked and peeled

2 hard-boiled eggs

Greek yogurt



Lettuce leaves


Cut the bread into halves and garnish with a lettuce leaf. Slice the eggs and distribute evenly on the slices of bread with dollops of Greek yogurt in the middle. Spread the shrimps over the Greek yogurt. Top with lemon slices and dill. Serves four.

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