Must-Have Mobile Apps: Perch

A free mobile app that helps small biz compete socially with the big boys

In today’s dizzying world of online marketing, even small business owners can feel like they need a full-time social media manager as check-ins, posts, tags and reviews pile up from a dozen different sites. To gain what developer Closely calls a “bird-eye view,” merchants can use Perch, a digital marketing tool that zeros in on media specific to the needs of the business.

The app displays a newsfeed of social media activity related to a specific business as well as any additional companies a user elects to follow. This helps keep track of the competition across various social media platforms in one consolidated location.

The app can be programmed to send merchants a notification whenever they are mentioned on review sites like Yelp, helping small businesses keep up with customer feedback. Built on a philosophy of empowering small businesses to upgrade their strategic media capabilities, Perch is free and available for both iOS and Android devices.


See how the Perch mobile app works by watching this video

Perch for Small Business from Closely on Vimeo.