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Workout of the Week: Curbside Exercise from His and Her Fitness

We asked Christina Larson, personal trainer and owner at His and Her Fitness in Leawood, for some exercises to help you shape up at home.

For your next workout, hit the curb, because that and a towel are the only pieces of equipment you’ll need for these glutei and core toning moves.

The Curb Lunge: This move target your glutes, quad, hamstrings and lower abs.

Breathing in, start in a classic lunge position, and place your hands on your hips. Put your left leg forward onto the curb, knee bent, and keep your right leg extended behind you.

While breathing out, pull your right leg forward and up until your thigh is perpendicular to your hips as you straighten your left leg. As you move your legs, curl both arms up into a locked position, as if you were holding weights. Finish here, and breath out. Repeat the first two moves twenty times, alternating legs.

The Towel Curl: This move targets your core and your biceps.

For your next move, grab a partner and a small towel. Have your partner roll the towel in half and hold it in the middle. Grab the ends of the towel in each of your hands, and stand with your legs apart, your left leg slightly in front of the each. Make sure that your partner is in a power stance, and that your hands are supinated. (This makes your biceps pop!) Also, don’t forget to breath in. Breath out while pulling up on the towel, and you should really feel this in your biceps!

Do all exercises in a row three times, and twenty reps for each set.

His and Her Fitness also offers free clean eating recipes and free videos for creative cardio on their website at www.hisandherfitness.net—Kathryn Greene