Skype’s New Digital Hype

Microsoft ups the ante on video conferencing with its yet-to-be-released Skype TX.

By Alex Sher

Skype TX consists of both hardware and software to seamlessly add videos to any production. It sends video both ways, so both the caller and broadcast studio receive live HD-SDI video and audio from the other. The software automatically deals with ratio mismatches and creates video free from all pop-ups and notifications. One of Skype TX’s most impressive features is its ability to sync up more than 30 callers.

Whether trying to get footage from a concert, breaking news from a distant city or live interviews streamed from around the world, Skype TX can virtually add video and audio from anywhere. Guests calling in are broadcast live, and Skype TX can connect multiple locations instantly.

“The Jimmy Kimmel Show” and various other TV shows have utilized Skype TX to cover events and organize interviews. The technology allows fans to ask their favorite celebrities and athletes questions through one-on-one video chats during live interviews. Skype TX has even broadcasted daily video diaries of athletes during the X Games.  In Aspen, Olympic gold medal winner Sage Kotsenburg answered fan video message questions straight from the snow.

Perhaps one of the most innovative users of Skype TX is TEDx, an international community platform enabling experts to share ideas on anything and everything relating to technology, entertainment and design (TED). Skype’s latest technology has already enriched TED’s broadcast videos by bringing various experts from throughout the world together to have real time discussions.

For instance, the TED conference in Vancouver used Skype TX for a live choir event. Thirty vocalists—singing remotely from 28 different countries—took part in a 100-person choir by joining the performance live over a video call. On August 9, TEDx will continue to use Skype to cultivate live global collaboration right in the Kauffman Center for TEDxKC.

Skype TX is transforming the world of technology by allowing more communication than ever before to happen in real time. Although Skype TX is not yet available to the public, you can learn more about it at