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Serious Eats Picks KC’s Top Restaurants

Food website Serious Eats is the latest to tell the world about how spectacular KC’s dining scene is.

So where should you grab a bite? According to the list, Happy Gillis is the best breakfast in town, Kitty’s Cafe can’t be beat for a quick lunch and Bluestem is your best bet for a happy hour snack. Cinder Block Brewery is the selected beer joint, Julep is KC’s No. 1 cocktail source and Town Topic wins the late night eats title.

Of course barbecue is a huge draw, and the list offers dish-specific recommendations. For burnt ends, Serious Eats votes for LC’s Bar-B-Q while Arthur Bryants takes top billing for brisket. Danny Edwards is the place to go for pork ribs, but for beef ribs, it’s all about Jack Stack. Oklahoma Joe’s was awarded the most creative title (both literally and figuratively) as the place for “creative BBQ in a gas station.”

Oklahoma Joe’s also made another list this week—the restaurant topped Yahoo’s  “10 Restaurants Worth Waiting in Their (Very) Long Lines” roundup.

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