Must-Have Mobile Apps: Nito

The fun way to employ facial tracking

Digital animation is one of the most rapidly advancing fields in tech, so it’s no surprise that technologies like facial tracking have found their way into the world of mobile apps.

Nito is an app that employs facial tracking—like that used to create 3-D digital animation—to bring personalized avatars to life. A user calibrates the avatar by placing their face within the tracking margins. Once this is done, the animation matches the user’s expressions with impressive detail. Although Nito currently only offers a selection of pre-set avatars, the app will soon allow users to design and personalize their own.

Nito can be used to record messages for friends, create digital shorts to share on social media or just to watch the animated avatar come to life. The vision behind Nito goes beyond the simple fun of watching your own personal digital cartoon. The app’s creators believe that avatars will have a prominent position in the future of technological communication. Their use as personal representation is already common practice, with gaming and social media platforms often relying on avatars as a means for individual expression in an increasingly digitized world.

Nito creators plan to expand to Android and Windows devices by fall of this year.

- Lindsey Kennedy